Compassion is defined as a sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

Compassion in Coaching is my original passion and where I help other coaches determine what sufferings and misfortunes they had in their past that are blocking them from being better coaches to others.

I’ve learned that most people didn’t grow up in compassionate homes, so the idea of compassion is a new concept to us all.

I started my career thinking that I love people just fine, but I realized because I didn’t have compassion for myself, I wasn’t able to support others in the ways they needed to be supported. The shoulders I’m standing on are not my own. I am standing on the shoulders of giants like Kristin Neff and Tara Brock.

I can’t give away what I don’t have – and I’ve taught myself to have compassion.

You can too.

Learning Compassion

One of the things that lights me up the most is when coaches have the “ah-ha” light up moment. Coaches in India will call this the penny drop.

I’ve termed it as the pebble drop, as it’s the pebble that started the ripples in the water.

I have had a few pebble drops myself.

Are you ‘shoulding’ on yourself?

– Leslie

I had been told for 2 decades, maybe more, that I needed to forgive my mother. I would tell people that they didn’t know the things she did, and they could mind their own business. One afternoon, when I was in the middle of the street walking my dog alone, I had a moment of awareness on my own, without anyone advising me, that I had to forgive my mother for me and that was where I began to learn compassion.

All the years of hating my mother had not changed her. They had changed me. They had changed me into someone I didn’t like. I didn’t forgive her for her, I forgave her for me. I started from the point of compassion and when she died 4 years later, our relationship was entirely different. 

Compassion was a new concept to me.

Sue gave me a gratitude journal but I couldn’t think of anything to be grateful for because I had just been in a car accident and was so focused on the negative.

All of this was what led up to me learning about compassion.

Now I am eager and excited to share those lessons with other coaches to enhance their journey.

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